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Electrocatalytic oxidation of methanol: study with Pt:Mo dispersed catalysts

Author(s): Oliveira Neto Almir | Perez Joelma | Napporn Wilhelmin T. | Ticianelli Edson A. | Gonzalez Ernesto R.

Journal: Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
ISSN 0103-5053

Volume: 11;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 39;
Date: 2000;
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Keywords: methanol electrooxidation | Pt:Mo dispersed catalysts

The electrocatalytic oxidation of methanol on Pt:Mo dispersed on carbon prepared using an alternative method recently developed in this laboratory was investigated. The EDX analysis confirmed that the simultaneous reduction of the precursor salts of Pt and Mo leads to the presence of these materials at the nominal composition initially calculated. The addition of Mo to Pt causes an increase of the oxidation currents, but does not improve the catalytic effect for methanol oxidation. Tafel plots for various methanol concentrations showed the presence of two slopes. On line differential electrochemical mass spectrometry (DEMS) was used to investigate the distribution of products and intermediates in methanol oxidation.

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Tango Rapperswil

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