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An Empirical Investigation among Iranian Consumers with Variety Consumption Habits in Cosmetic Sector

Author(s): Alireza Miremadi | Shirin Ranjbar Toutoue | Rosa Mozaffari Oghani

Journal: International Journal of Marketing Studies
ISSN 1918-719X

Volume: 5;
Issue: 3;
Date: 2013;
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This paper is the first paper that provides an in-depth discussion on the scientific methodologies that can be usedto measure and Key Factors That Influence on Consumer Consumption and Converting them to loyal customerand various promotional activities in Iranian cosmetic product .first of all, this paper reviews the historycosmetic industry, current status of e-purchasing and influence of culture on domestic and foreign cosmeticproducts in Iran.This exploratory study sought to answer four sections related about understanding the consumerbuying behaviour in cosmetic product in Iranian market concentrated on domestic and foreign shampoo such asDetermining key factors that influence on consumer consumption and converting them to loyal customer inIranian cosmetic market, Influence of various promotional activities in cosmetic product, E- tailing or electronicbuying attractiveness, Critical Factors influence on Consumer Buying Behaviour and Attitudes towards CosmeticProduct.We have initiated with exploratory research and gradually shifted to descriptive research. The instructionmethod for collecting the primary data was questionnaire. In this research, a modelling framework is developedfor Marketers and their companies to deal with promotional and advertising budget constraints, thereforeselecting the precise promotional mix or integrated marketing communication (IMC) is valuable asset and equipcompanies to penetrate and develop the market share in Iranian market in this competitive marketaccordingly.Empirical studies have shown that the Quality, product reliability (genuine), package and variety ofdistribution channels are the most influential factors for customers’ satisfaction and consumer buying behaviourabout the foreign cosmetic product (shampoos), while quality, product reliability (genuine), package, meet therequirements and variety of distribution channels are the most influential factors for customers’ satisfaction andconsumer buying behaviour in domestic Iranian product.

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