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線上影片案例應用於師資培育科技課程之實徵研究 An Empirical Study of Applying Online Video Cases in a Technology Course for Pre-service Teachers

Author(s): Ya-Fung Chang

Journal: Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences
ISSN 1013-090X

Volume: 48;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 589;
Date: 2011;
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增進師資生科技融入教學的實務知能,本研究乃自行開發「影片案例教學網頁」,並且應用於師資培育課程「電腦與教學」。結果顯示該網頁提供的影片案例,由於含蓋不同的學科領域與科技應用情境,不但能引起學生的學習動機,也能提升其多元應用科技於教學現場的能力。此外搭配案例提供的「分析指引」,不但能夠增進學生觀察教學現場的能力,也能產生「見賢思齊」及「見不賢而內自省」的效果。在案例教學過程中採用小組討論、張貼小組意見於討論區、提供專家評述、以及進行全班討論等,均有助於擴展學生的視野,從多元角度思考有關教學的問題。最後本研究針對案例蒐集、網頁增修、教學實施、及應用推廣等方面提出具體的建議以及未來的研究方向。To enhance pre-service teachers’ practical knowledge in technology integration into instruction, this study constructed and then implemented a web system of video case studies (VCS) in the course of “Computers and Instruction” for pre-service teachers. The results indicated that the authentic video cases covering various teaching subjects and demonstrating diverse technology applications were able to stimulate student motivation and to enhance the student’s abilities of multiple applications of technology in instruction. Furthermore, the use of specially designed “analysis guide” of video cases not only improved the student’s classroom observation skills but also encouraged students to imitate good practices and reflect on imperfect practices. In addition, the use of group discussion, discussion forums, the expert’s comments, and the whole class discussion during the implementation process was very helpful to broaden the student’s views so that the student could deal with instructional problems from multiple perspectives. Finally, this study provides relevant suggestions and future research directions regarding case collection, web upgrades, implementation process, and diffusion of video cases.
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