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Employees' Development as Integral Part of Personnel Management Strategy

Author(s): I. Hruzina | V. Derikhovska

Journal: Economics of Development
ISSN 1683-1942

Volume: 56;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 104;
Date: 2010;

Keywords: staff development | system development personnel | strategy development stuff

Personnel of enterprises becomes the center of modern management concepts that are mainly aimed at disclosure of the whole arsenal of employees' abilities and competences that can be effectively used for development in general. That is why it is natural that one of the chief places in the system of strategic management is occupied by employees' development as modern area of personnel management.Development of personnel can be defined as complex systematically organized continuous process of professional education, training and retraining of employees aimed at increasing professional and qualification level for executing new industrial functions, formation and planning of personnel reserve, career promotion and improvement of personnel's organisational culture. This will allow to reach strategic goals of enterprise's activities.It is investigated that the process of personnel and development management is interconnected and depends on the enterprise's strategy, that is why it must be defined and executed as strategic. Strategic importance of personnel development can be realized when coworkers' potential becomes central strategic resource and the largest expence item at an enterprise. Of course, personnel strategic development should be oriented at comprehensive development and increasing employees' personnel potential basing on existing conditions, present capabilities and goals of an enterprise. It is necessary to always improve employees' knowledge, skills, experience and competence, support motivation system of professional development and promote personnel's self-development. Development of intellectual capital and stimulation of organizational, collective and individual studies should become the basis for strategic stimulation based on corresponding support of the management, will allow to create the model of a self-educational enterprise within which knowledge will be managed systematically.

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