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Energy Efficiency of MIMO Cooperative Networks with Energy Harvesting Sensor Nodes

Author(s): Said El Abdellaoui | Youssef Fakhri | Samir Saoudi | Driss Aboutajdine

Journal: International Journal of Ad Hoc, Sensor & Ubiquitous Computing
ISSN 0976-2205

Volume: 4;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Energy - Efficiency | MIMO Cooperative | Cooperation Communication | Amplify - and - Fo rward | Optimal Power Allocation

This paper addresses the maximizing network lifetime problem in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) takinginto account the total Symbol Error rate (SER) at destination. Therefore, efficient power management isneeded for extend network lifetime.Our approach consists to provide the optimal transmission powerusing the orthogonal multiple access channels between each sensor.In order to deeply study theproperties of our approach, firstly, the simple case is considered; the information sensed by the sourcenode passes by a single relay before reaching the destination node.Secondly, global case is studied; theinformation passes by several relays.We consider, in the previous both cases, thatthe batteries are non-rechargeable. Thirdly, we spread our work the case where the batteries are rechargeable with unlimitedstorage capacity. In all three cases, we suppose that MaximumRatio Combining (MRC)is used as adetector, and Amplify and Forward(AF) as a relaying strategy. Simulation resultsshowtheviabilityofour approach which the network lifetime is extended of more than 70.72%when the batteries are nonrechargeable and 100.51% when the batteries are rechargeablein comparisonwith other traditionalmethod
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