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Environment, Biologic Rhythms, Depression and EM Radiations

Author(s): L.C. Almeida

Journal: Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences
ISSN 2041-0484

Volume: 3;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 81;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: BD (bipolar disorder) | circadian cycle | circadian rhythms | CNS (central nervous system) | ELF | EM | EMF | EMR | MDD (major depressive disorder) | NSQ

The interaction of human beings with electromagnetic fields (EMF) artificially created can interfere in our psychobiological equilibrium. These EMF are correlated with the dissemination of radiations produced in our modern technology. For living creatures suffer under influences of these fields, once every external stimulus generates internal ones. To give evidence of the veracity that altered EM waves can be the hazardous to health. The research adapted was a literary revision about the existence of the interferences caused by low intensity radiations, especially extremely low frequencies (ELF) originated to EMF non-ionized. When reviewing known data literature that includes the intersection among these descriptors researched in technical books, sites of search and neurosciences sites such PubMedic, Medline and Lilacs. A great number of studies have emphasized that altered electromagnetic waves might cause disturbances or diseases, being CNS included. For such can interfere on the circadian cycle and therefore with our conscience quality level, due to alterations on the melatonin/serotonin circuit. It is observed an individual sensitivity to the electromagnetic radiations (EMR) and it is established to what degree EMF and/or its radiations might cause unbalances in the human organism due to the type, potentiality and period of time under such kind of exposure. It demonstrates the viability that altered electromagnetic waves could induce disturbances to biological and circadian rhythm s. We already know that it is deregulation of the central biological clock, via the suprachiasmatic nucleus (NSQ) which places in the CNS is a quite simple effect seen in depressed patients, especially in MDD, BD and in seasonal depressions.
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