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Environmental Baseline Characteristics for a Pilot Project Site for Integrated Solid Waste Management in Makurdi, Nigeria

Author(s): S.V. Irtwange

Journal: Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences
ISSN 2041-0484

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 81;
Date: 2009;
Original page

Keywords: Environmental baseline characteristics | EIA | integrated solid waste management | Makurdi and Nigeria

The study of the pilot project site for integrated solid waste management in Makurdi, Nigeria wasconducted to establish the environmental baseline characteristics as part of an Environmental ImpactAssessment (EIA) process. Survey of literature was conducted to generate information on climate, geology, andthe general physical, chemical and biological status of the environment as well as identify information gaps.This was achieved through the consultation of existing studies/survey reports, technical publications, textbooks,etc. Field data gathering exercise was conducted to fill information gap identified from desk survey and alsoto validate existing information. It entailed visual observation, interviews, on-site measurements and collectionof samples for laboratory analysis and testing. The study covered terrain/topography, climate and meteorology,land ownership, land use and zoning, soil quality, geological formations underneath the project site, hydrologyand water quality, groundwater geophysical survey, hydro geology, ambient air quality, ecology of the projectsite and surroundings, baseline noise levels and public consultation. The results of the study indicates that theenvironmental components of the site were within natural background levels of the environment except theoutcrops of the Makurdi sandstone in the designated land fill areas having served as a road constructionexcavation site in the past. The study also shows that apart from the nearby stream, there are no existingenvironmental stresses or pollution within the area.
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