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Estimation of Thermodynamic Properties of Binary Liquid Mixtures on the Basis of Statistical Mechanical Theories

Author(s): J. D. Pandey | Prakash Chandra | Rupali Sethi | Vinay Sanguri

Journal: International Journal of Thermodynamics
ISSN 1301-9724

Volume: 16;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 10;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Flory statistical theory | hard sphere equation of state | hole theory | binary liquid mixtures

Thermodynamic properties of liquids and liquid mixtures play very important role in understanding the nature of molecular interactions occurring in the system. In the present work different thermodynamic properties of 15 pure liquids and 34 equimolar binary liquid mixtures of benzene, toluene, p-xylene, chlorobenzene and 1-chloronaphthalene with linear and branched alkanes have been computed with the help of Flory’s statistical theory (FST), Hard sphere equation of state (HSE) and Hole theory (HT) simultaneously. The calculated values are compared with the experimental findings collected from literature and quite satisfactory results are obtained.
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