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A etnoecologia: uma ciência pós-normal que estuda as sabedorias tradicionais

Author(s): Victor Manuel Toledo | Narciso Barrera-Bassols

Journal: Desenvolvimento e Meio Ambiente
ISSN 1518-952X

Volume: 20;
Start page: 31;
Date: 2009;
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Keywords: indigenous peoples | local knowledge | traditional wisdom | participatory research.

The article reveals a way of evaluating millenary knowledge of indigenous and rural peoples’ views about nature. This type of inquiry is denominated ethnoecology, a novel, hybrid, transdisciplinary, andpost-normal discipline. Two intellectual traditions regarding how nature is perceived are defined: the Western thought based on Modern science, and another – here denominated traditional experience – thatencompasses diverse ways of conceiving the natural world. Thus, two types of ecology emerge, and not just the one based on Modern science, which eclipsed the ecological myriads of some 7,000 indigenous cultures that today resist the expansion of the industrialized world while sustaining ecosystems at planetary level. Making them visible requires the kind of critical thinking offered by an ethnoecologicalapproach. This type of evaluation defines the characteristics of traditional knowledge, what kinds of social actors support it, how it is transmitted and practiced both on symbolic and practical levels. Weshow what ethnoecology has to teach and how nature’s complexity is revealed through the study of the k-c-p complex, which synthesizes the theorization, representation, and production of the socio-natural worlds of the “others”. This double role permits a dialogue between types of knowledge, allowing the ethnoecologist to analyze the worlds of “others”, offering an individual interpretation of them. It alsoleads to the reinvention of possible futures. Finally, the article discusses how it is that ethnoecology has the singular task of deciphering the “memory of our species”, that is the bio-cultural memory, recognizing and re-evaluating those peoples who maintain it while bringing new depth to criticism of the Modern world and its intellectual rationality.
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