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Evaluación de la actitud de los estudiantes hacia la asignatura electiva Medicina Física y Rehabilitación

Author(s): Manuela Corujo | Nerkis Angulo

Journal: Salus Online
ISSN 1316-7138

Volume: 12;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 16;
Date: 2008;
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Keywords: Physical Medicine | Rehabilitation | Elective Course | Evaluation | Attitude

A descr iptive evaluative study was made in the Mor phology Depar tment of the School of Medicine at Univer sidad de Car abobo, with the students of the elective c our se Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Infor mation was collected using an anonymous and voluntar y sur vey with four closed questions r ated acc or ding to the Lik er t scale ( Ver y Good, Good, Aver age and Poor) , and thr ee open- ended ones r ated in ter ms of absolute and r elative fr equency, in or der to deter mine the s tudents’ opinion about the pr actical usefulness of such elective cour se for their pr ofessional pr actice, its inclusion into de cur r iculum of medical studies, as well as suggestions for impr ovement. Results: 61.66% of the students consider ed the c our se Ver y Good. Cour se content was r ated as Good by 50% of the students, and Ver y Good by 35.83%. Lectur er s’ teaching per for mance was consider ed as Good by 45.83% and Ver y Good by 37.5%. Regar ding acquir ed k nowledge, 45% consider ed it Ver y Good, and 40% as Good. 98.33% answer ed affir matively r egar ding its pr actical usefulness in the medical car eer , and 91.6% thought it s hould be included into the cur r iculum of Medicine. Less students in the c our se, and pr actic al exer cises wer e some of the suggestions given for impr ovement. Conclusion: The students gav e a ver y favor able evaluation of the elective cour se Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; they find it ver y useful for their futur e pr ofessional car eer . The School of Medicine’s Cur r iculum Committee should c onsider including it into the cur r iculum of medical studies

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