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台灣棒球維基館網站推展成效探討 Evaluating the Effectiveness of TaiwanBaseballWiki

Author(s): Sinn-Cheng Lin | Yu-Shyen Lin

Journal: Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences
ISSN 1013-090X

Volume: 45;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 199;
Date: 2007;
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Keywords: Wiki | TaiwanBaseballWiki | Web log analysis

本文旨在探討台灣棒球維基館成立兩年餘之發展成效。首先,本研究分析2005/4/14至2007/8/19期間之相關數據,發現:(一)網站瀏覽量共3600多萬次,其中74%來自前20%的高流量頁面;瀏覽量月成長率平均值約15%;(二)註冊使用者月成長率平均值約33%,雖已有880餘位,但編寫10次以上者僅163人,只佔18.43%,卻完成了高達91%的內容,而使用者中1.9%的17位核心使用者更貢獻了80.8%的主要內容;(三)頁面月成長率平均值約6.06%,在一萬多個內容頁面中,每日平均被瀏覽10次以上的僅有915頁。其次,本研究針對使用者進行問卷調查,結果顯示:(一)受訪者以年輕球迷居多,平均年齡24.8歲;(二)受訪者有64%未註冊帳號,多數原因為只做短暫的查詢;(三)受訪者僅有34%曾參與寫作,其動機以增進內容豐富性佔多數。此外,本文綜合多項指標,提出一個客觀的核心頁面評定準則,並建議台灣棒球維基館在進一步掌握使用者特性後,應加強內容品質之提升,並積極推展具歷史傳承、知識深化等價值之內容,以平衡目前較偏重於當代職棒明星之走向。This research study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of TaiwanBaseballWiki, established in 2005. First, the researchers collected data and analyzed the web logs from April 14, 2005 to August 19, 2007. A number of statistical measurements were used to analyze the data. The results show that 1. The number of page views has grown by almost 15% per month on average; 74% of page views came from 20% high browsing pages; 2. The registered users has grown by nearly 33% every month on average. It is also found that only 163 users have edited more than 10 times and were accounted for 91% of all the editing. Among them, the most active 1.9% of the users did 80.8% of all the editing; 3. The pages have grown by almost 6.06% per month on average, and only 8.75% of baseball pages had been viewed over 10 times on average. Moreover, the research also adopted the web questionnaire method to understand the community users from different perspective. The result shows that 1. The community users were mostly fans aged 24.8 on average and were young students. This result was the same as what we have previously predicted; 2. 64% of respondents were unregistered users, and among them 40% stayed unregistered because they only needed a quick search for some information; 3. 34% of them have edited website pages, and among them, 41% are active participants who have edited more than 1000 times and 45% of them started editing after using the website for one week. Finally, the suggestions for the website, as the results of the evaluation, are to promote baseball history pages, promote low viewing pages, design a user-friendly interface, and design new website styles suitable for young users.

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