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Evaluation of the association between AT1R1166C polymorphism and the incidence of cad and CAC score in the Iranian population

Author(s): Mohammadpour Hooshang Amir | Nazemi Saeed | Foroughi Maryam | Ghorbani Maryam | Shamsara Jamal | Behravan Javad

Journal: Archives of Biological Sciences
ISSN 0354-4664

Volume: 64;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 401;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Coronary artery calcification (CAC) | coronary artery disease (CAD) | Angiotensin II type 1 receptor (AT1R)

Most of the physiological effects of Ag II are mediated by the angiotensin II type 1 receptor. Polymorphisms of the AT1R gene can affect the function of this receptor and subsequent atherogenic activity. In this study we investigated the correlation between AT1R A1166C polymorphism and coronary artery calcification (CAC), a marker of the coronary artery burden. Fifty CAD patients and fifty healthy individuals fulfilled the inclusion and exclusion criteria entered this study. CAC was determined in the left main coronary artery (LMCA), left coronary artery (LCA), right coronary artery (RCA) and CX by CT-angiography and a blood sample was taken at this time. DNA extracted from whole blood leukocytes was analyzed by the polymerase chain reaction - restriction fragment-length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) assay. There were no significant differences in genotype and allele frequencies between the CAD and control groups. The mean calcium score was compared in genotypes and alleles and no significant difference was seen. In addition, the frequency of genotypes and alleles was not significantly different in the calcium score groups (low400). An analysis was performed separately in males and females and no significant correlation was found. According to our results, no association was found between AT1R1166C polymorphism and the incidence of CAD and CAC score in our study population.

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