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Evaluation of the C57BL/6/cenp mice breeds like experimental biomodel in three genotoxicity potential assays

Author(s): Daniel Francisco Arencibia Arrebola | Luis Alfredo Rosario Fernández | Yanet Hernández Rodríguez | Dayisell Lazara Curveco Sánchez

Journal: RETEL : Revista de Toxicología en Línea
ISSN 1668-091X

Volume: 26;
Start page: 13;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Spontaneous | induced | head sperms morphology | micronuclei assay | comet assay | C57BL/6/cenp mice | cyclophosphamide

The genotoxic potential study of new compounds to propose as drugs constitutes a route for the determination of the risk of genetic damage in people exposed. In this sense the genetic toxicology has the responsibility of determining the substances that can be genotoxics potentially for the man, the one which later on will evaluate its use or not, in function of the relationship risk-benefit. In this article we had for objective to evaluate the C57BL/6/cenp mice breeds like experimental biomodel in the head sperms morphology assay, micronuclei of bone marrow assay and comet assay (alkaline electrophoresis of individual cells). We were used young-mature mice of both sexes, being administered during 35 days, being formed 4 experimental groups, a group negative control, a group substance vehicle 1 (tween 65 to 2%), a group substance vehicle 2 (NaCl to 0,9 %) and lastly a group positive control (cyclophosphamide, 50 mg/kg, i.p). The spontaneous and induced variables analyzed were, the concentration of sperms, anomalies in the sperms head of male mice epididymis, micronuclei of bone marrow and the strand breaks (SB) or alkali-labile sites formation on DNA from leukocytes of peripheral blood, by means of the comet assay in both sexes mice. We concluded that you can use the C57BL/6/cenp mice breeds as experimental biomodel in these three genotoxicity assays but as last election, since it is less efficient than others mice breeds in commercialization like the Balb-C, NMRI and OF-1.
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