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Evaluation of the Effect of Antihelminthic Agents Albendazole, Fenbendazole and Praziquantel in Treatment of Coenurosis Disease in Sheep

Author(s): Ciamak Ghazaei

Journal: Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances
ISSN 1680-5593

Volume: 4;
Issue: 10;
Start page: 852;
Date: 2005;
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Keywords: coenurosis | coenurus cerebralis | sheep | T. multiceps

Coenurosis is a rare infection caused by the larval stage of the tapeworm (also refered to as Coenurus Cerebralis) Taenia Multiceps, a Platyhelminth in the class Cestoda. These adults of Taenia spp. live in the intestines of dogs and other canines and pass eggs which are then ingested by grazing animals, usually sheep. Oncospheres escape from the eggs and form coenuri in various tissues. Localization in the CNS of sheep causes the Coenurosis or staggers. In this survey Antihelminthic agents (albendazole,praziquntel,fenbendazole) was tested against coenurosis in naturally infected sheeps at a different dose.the autopsy revealed calcification of the cysts in the brains of treated animals while the cysts in the untreated sheep were apparently still alive.This study showed that The best result arrived by using of albendazole with dosage 25 mg kgG and Albendazole is considered the drug of choice.
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