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Evaluation of the Influence of Conventional Water Coolers on Drinking Water Quality

Author(s): E Taheri | M Vahid Dastjerdi | M Hatamzadeh | A Hassanzadeh | F Ghafarian Nabari | M Nikaeen

Journal: Iranian Journal of Health and Environment
ISSN 2008-2029

Volume: 2;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 268;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Drinkig water | water coolers | Biofilm | Heavey metals | Heterotrophic bacteria count

"n "nBackgrounds and Objectives: Drinking water quality after treatment and before reaching  the consumer could be affected by distribution pipes, service lines and Home devices. The structure of water coolers, a home device that are widely used in warm months of the year, could potentially affect the quality of drinking water. The aim of this study was to assess the microbial and chemical quality of water from conventional water coolers."nMaterials and Methods : Water samples were collected from 29 water cooler systems at the Isfahan  university of medical sciences. 29 control samples also obtained from the nearest drinking water taps. All samples were examined for total heterotrophic bacteria and physicochemical parameters including temperature, ph, turbidity and heavy metals."nResults: All samples from the water cooler systems complied with the EPA guidelines for total heterotrophic bacteria count. There were no significant differences between the levels of heavy metals in water samples from the water cooler systems and taps. There was only a significant difference between the level of Cu in the water samples from cooler systems and taps "nConclusion: The overall results of this study indicated that the use of water cooler systems from hygienic point of view could not cause any problems for consumers

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