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Evaluation of relation between IL-4 and IFN- γ polymorphisms and type 2 diabetes

Author(s): saeid Daneshmandi | Ali Akbar Pourfathollah | Mohammad Kazemi Arababadi | Gholam Hossein Hasan Shahi | Mohsen Rezaeian | Majid Asyabanha Rezaee

Journal: Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences
ISSN 1735-9260

Volume: 18;
Issue: 66;
Start page: 35;
Date: 2008;

Keywords: IL-4 | IFN-γ polymorphism | type 2 diabetes.

Evaluation of relation between IL-4 and IFN- γ polymorphisms and type 2 diabetes (Received 10 Mar ,2008 ; Accepted 20 Nov ,2008) AbstractBackground and purpose: Although Taype 2 diabetes is the most frequent among different types of diabetes, the cause of it is yet to be clarified. Several environmental and genetic factors are said to be involved in diabetes and it has been established that cytokines play key roles in pathogenesis of diabetes. Expression of cytokins is different from person and in defferent societies. Studies showed that polymorphisms of +874 of IFN-γ and -590 of IL-4 regions are related to the expression of these genes. In this study, we aimed to find polymorphisms of these regions in Type 2 diabetes patients.Material and methods: In this study peripheral blood samples were collected from 51 type 2 diabetes patients and 50 healthy controls. DNA was isolated by salting out method, using ARMS-PCR, RFLP-PCR polymorphisms of = 874 of IFN-γ and -590 of IL-4, were analyzed, respectively. Results: Our findings showed that TT genotype of IFN- γ was increased in type 2 diabetic patients as comford with control grop but difference was not significant. Our results also have not shown any significant difference between IL-4 genotype in diabetic and healthy controls.Discussion: Our results suggested that TT genotype of IFN- γ can be related to diabetes. This relation can be sescribed by this known Todgment judyunt thar over expression of IFN- γ shifted immune system to Th1, therefore, pancreas cells were miscarried by immune cells. J Mazand Univ Med Sci 2008; 18(66): 35-41(Persian)

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