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Evaluation of Student Satisfaction from Hamadan University of Medical Sciences Educational Process and Programs in 2011-2012

Author(s): Edris Hoseinzadeh | Yadollah Hamidi | Ghodratollah Roshanaie | Parvin Cheraghi | Mahmood Taghavi | Salah Azizi | Iraj Mohammad Fam

Journal: Pajouhan Scientific Journal
ISSN 1029-7863

Volume: 11;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 37;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Student satisfaction | Educational process | Hamadan University of Medical Sciences

Introduction: Mission of Universities is to respond to the needs and expectations of its key stakeholders and specially their students. Quality promotion and continuous improvement of education and research processes in universities of medical sciences is important. Determining of student satisfaction level as the most important indicators to reach the desired quality should be considered. Thus this study with purpose of student satisfaction evaluation from education and research processes in Hamadan medical sciences faculties was performed.Material and Methods: This cross - sectional study was conducted in Hamadan University of Medical Sciences at 2011-2012. 385 students selected from all schools based on stratified method. To measure student satisfaction a researcher made questionnaire consisted of 71 questions related to various aspects of educational services (9 compasses) was used. Obtained data were analyzed using SPSS 16 software the chi-square test.Results: Most of the participants (72.2%) were in the age group 25 to 21 years. 50.3 percent of students were female. Most of students were at the undergraduate level (38.8%) and physician (32.9%). Level of satisfaction for all compasses was at moderate level. Based on statistic result only in internships and apprenticeships compasses satisfaction level showed a significant correlation with studying duration (P
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