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Evolution of oxygen utilization in multicellular organisms and implications for cell signalling in tissue engineering

Author(s): Katerina Stamati | Vivek Mudera | Umber Cheema

Journal: Journal of Tissue Engineering
ISSN 2041-7314

Volume: 2;
Issue: 1;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: angiogenesis | evolution | oxygen | physiological hypoxia | stem cells

Oxygen is one of the critically defining elements resulting in the existence of eukaryotic life on this planet. The rise and fall of this element can be tracked through time and corresponds with the evolution of diverse life forms, development of efficient energy production (oxidative phosphorylation) in single cell organisms, the evolution of multicellular organisms and the regulation of complex cell phenotypes. By understanding these events, we can plot the effect of oxygen on evolution and its direct influence on different forms of life today, from the whole organism to specific cells within multicellular organisms. In the emerging field of tissue engineering, understanding the role of different levels of oxygen for normal cell function as well as control of complex signalling cascades is paramount to effectively build 3D tissues in vitro and their subsequent survival when implanted.

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