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Ex vivo analysis of apical deviation in curved root canals through cone beam computed tomography 3D

Author(s): Antônio Miranda da CRUZ FILHO | Charles Stefani Moreira de ALENCAR | Jacy Ribeiro CARVALHO JÚNIOR | Álvaro Henrique BORGES | Flares BARATTO FILHO

Journal: Revista Sul-brasiliera de Odontologia
ISSN 1806-7727

Volume: 6;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 353;
Date: 2009;
Original page

Keywords: Endodontics | root canal | cone beam computed tomography.

Introduction and objective: The purpose of this study was to performan ex vivo analysis of apical deviation in curved root canals throughi-CAT cone beam computed tomography 3D. Material and methods:Forty mesiovestibular roots of human maxillary molars with curvatureranging between 20 to 40 degrees were selected and randomly dividedinto four groups, according to manual, rotary, oscillatory and rotaryassociated with oscillatory instrumentation techniques. Tomographywas performed before and after instrumentation technique of the first 4mm from the apical foramen in order to compare the apical deviation,which resulted in four perpendicular (axial) and interpolation (1 to 1 mmfrom the top) sections per root. Initial images were stored on a computerhard disc (HD) to later comparison with post-instrumentation images.Instrumentation technique was performed by a single operator for allroots, and canals were irrigated with 3 mL of 1% sodium hypochloritebetween every instrument change. Non-parametric Kruskal-Wallisstatistical test was used to compare apical deviation between therecommended techniques (α = 0.05). Results: Additional Dunn test(p < 0.001) showed greater deviation degree for manual technique(0.62 ± 0.018) in comparison to the others. Rotary (0.0975 ± 0.005),oscillatory (0.165 ± 0.017) and rotary associated with oscillatory(0.137 ± 0.023) instrumentation techniques were statistically similarto each other (p > 0.05). Conclusion: None of the techniques was ableto avoid the apical deviation during instrumentation technique.

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