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Exchange Coupling in CrPtMn-based Top-pinning Spin Valves

Author(s): BAI Ru, QIAN Zheng-Hong, LI Jian-Ping, SUN Yu-Cheng, ZHU Hua-Chen, LI Ling-Wei, LI Yuan, HUO De-Xuan, PENG Ying-Zi

Journal: Journal of Inorganic Materials
ISSN 1000-324X

Volume: 28;
Issue: 9;
Start page: 977;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: exchange coupling; spin valve; deposition pressure; measurement temperature

The exchange coupling effect between the ferromagnetic pinned layer and antiferromagnetic pinning layer is considered to be one of the key factors for fabricating high performance spin-valves. In this study, the dependence of the exchange coupling field (Hex) in CrPtMn-based spin valves on the deposition pressure and subsequent anneal treatment has been investigated. It is found that the Hex for the as-deposited spin valves changes little by varying the sputtering pressure during the deposition of the CrPtMn pinning layer, and the Hex value is roughly 7.96×103 A/m. However, after the as-deposited spin valves are annealed at 240¡æ for 2 h, the Hex correlates and increases with an increase of the sputtering pressure during the CrPtMn deposition. The exchange coupling Hex for annealed spin valves shows good thermal stability with a strength of 2.39×104 A/m at room temperature. The Hex gradually decreases with increasing temperature, and finally disappears at 315¡æ which is its blocking temperature.

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