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Experiências e Percepções de Mães Adolescentes sobre o Atendimento de Saúde para o Bebê

Author(s): Raquel Marramon | Daniela Centenaro Levandowski | Jaqueline Wendland

Journal: Gerais : Revista Interinstitucional de Psicologia
ISSN 1983-8220

Volume: 4;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 215;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Child Health Services | Child Health | health care quality | access | and evaluation

This study intended to describe adolescent mothers’ experiences regarding the baby’s health care, in second monthof life, and to be acquainted with their perceptions of that service. This is a qualitative and exploratory study, carriedout with 10 primipara adolescent mothers living at Vale dos Sinos/RS, Brazil. They were contacted in basic healthunits and answered a semi structured interview. Good attendance to doctor’s appointments scheduled for the baby,proximity of health care institutions as a facilitating factor to accessibility, the need for support beyond primaryhealth care and little participation of babies’ fathers in the appointments were observed. In addition, attention andself-confidence received and reinforced by health professionals, the need for a greater range of time availability forscheduling appointments and reduction of waiting time was noted in the statements of adolescent mothers. Theimportance of health institutions continual seeking of excellence in humanization of maternal-child care ishighlighted.

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