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Experimental evidences of topological surface states of β-Ag2Te

Author(s): Azat Sulaev | Peng Ren | Bin Xia | Qing Hua Lin | Ting Yu | Caiyu Qiu | Shuang-Yuan Zhang | Ming-Yong Han | Zhi Peng Li | Wei Guang Zhu | Qingyu Wu | Yuan Ping Feng | Lei Shen | Shun-Qing Shen | Lan Wang

Journal: AIP Advances
ISSN 2158-3226

Volume: 3;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 032123;
Date: 2013;
Original page

We present evidence of topological surface states in β-Ag2Te through first-principles calculations, periodic quantum interference effect and ambipolar electric field effect in single crystalline nanoribbon. Our first-principles calculations show that β-Ag2Te is a topological insulator with a gapless Dirac cone with strong anisotropy. To experimentally probe the topological surface state, we synthesized high quality β-Ag2Te nanoribbons and performed electron transport measurements. The coexistence of pronounced Aharonov-Bohm oscillations and weak Altshuler-Aronov-Spivak oscillations clearly demonstrates coherent electron transport around the perimeter of β-Ag2Te nanoribbon and therefore the existence of topological surface states, which is further supported by the ambipolar electric field effect for devices fabricated by β-Ag2Te nanoribbons. The experimental evidences of topological surface states and the theoretically predicted anisotropic Dirac cone of β-Ag2Te suggest that the material may be a promising candidate of topological insulator for fundamental study and future spintronic devices.

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