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Experimental Investigation on Ride through Capability of Closed Loop Controlled Matrix Converter Fed Cage Drive

Author(s): Joshi R | Gupta R | Wadhwani A

Journal: IETE Technical Review
ISSN 0256-4602

Volume: 24;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 81;
Date: 2007;
Original page

Three phase matrix converters have received considerable attention in recent years because they may become a good alternative to voltage-source inverter pulse width-modulation (VSI-PWM) converters. In fact, the matrix converter provides bidirectional power flow, sinusoidal input/output waveforms, and controllable input power factor. Furthermore, the matrix converter allows a compact design due to the lack of dc-link capacitors for energy storage. The matrix converters are more sensitive to input power disturbances than conventional PWM voltage source inverters due to the absence of dc-link. With the rapid increase of adjustable speed drives (ASDs) in commercial and industrial facilities, the susceptibility of ASDs under power disturbances such as sags, swells, transients and short term power interruption (STPI) has become more important issue. A matrix converter laboratory prototype of 250 VA, 230 V capacity has been developed with the embedded PWM VSI part, to investigate the ride through capability. The ride through approach has been shown to maintain the rotor flux and keep synchronization between the motor and matrix converter during momentary power interruption. It has been shown that by regenerating the mechanical energy stored in load inertia and transferring it to dc-link capacitor within the embedded PWM VSI part, successful ride-through operation is accomplished. The duration of the ride-through operation depends on initial motor shaft speed level, load torque type and load inertia and so the approach is more effective for applications with sufficient load inertia. The ride-through capability has been achieved by the minimal addition of hardware and software into the matrix converter.
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