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Experimental models of acute pancreatitis -closed duodenal loop mode

Author(s): Anca Savu | Bogdan Savu | Catalina Luca | Doina Mihaila | Ovidiu Toma | Eduard Crauciuc

Journal: Analele Ştiinţifice Ale Universităţii Alexandru Ioan Cuza din Iași,Sectiunea II A : Genetica si Biologie Moleculara
ISSN 1582-3571

Volume: 10;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2009;
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Randomized controlled studies of severe human acute pancreatitis can be performed only with restriction, especially in children. Some pathophysiological or therapeutic aspects should be first verified through animal experiments. Animal test results can be transferred to clinical practice if the results are based on trials with established models, standardized methods and a study design imitating the clinical situation. This study aims to review the different experimental models proposed for acute pancreatitis, focusing on the experience of the researcher’s team with the “closed duodenal loop” model. A closed duodenal loop model was prepared in male Wistar rats. The duodenum was ligated 2cm distal and proximal to the junction of the hepatopancreatic duct. All rats developed severe acute pancreatitis. The histopathological alterations of the pancreas consisted in edema, parenchymal necrosis, thrombosis and hemorrhage. All animals died within 2-5 days from generalized sepsis. Animal experiments are of great value, especially in acute necrotizing pancreatitis because randomized controlled studies are problematic. The most common experimental models of acute pancreatitis are secretagogue hyperstimulation (cerulein pancreatitis), choline-deficient, ethionine-supplemented diet (CDE), duct obstruction/ligation, closed duodenal loop, duct perfusion. Closed duodenal loop model is easy enough from the technical point of view and presents histological characteristics that resemble those of human pancreatitis, but it has the drawback of early mortality.
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