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Experimental Study for the Identification of the Nascent Product of OH Heterogeneous Reaction with NaCl using Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Author(s): Jong-Ho Park | Andrey V. Ivanov | Mario J. Molina

Journal: Mass Spectrometry Letters
ISSN 2233-4203

Volume: 3;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 108;
Date: 2012;

Keywords: OH | Heterogeneou reaction | Atmospheric chemistry | CIMS

An experimental study on the nascent product of the OH heterogeneous reaction with NaCl was performed under dry and wet conditions using a bead-filled flow tube system coupled to a high-pressure chemical ionization mass spectrometer. The ozone concentration in the flow tube for the atomic hydrogen removal was varied in order to control the conversion reaction of molecular chlorine into HCl for the identification of the nascent product. The mass spectrometric observation was that the O3 introduction reduced the concentration HCl, while it increased the concentration of Cl2 and ClO. Based on the experimental results, we suggest that the nascent product of the titled reaction is gaseous Cl2, which is followed by fast conversion into HCl in presence of H. No significant difference in the concentration profile between under dry and wet (RH = 2%) conditions was observed.
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