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Fabrication and Anticorrosion Property of Superhydrophobic Surfaces with Hierarchical Structure through an Organic-inorganic Self-assemble Process

Author(s): DI Zhi-Yong, HE Jian-Ping, ZHOU Jian-Hua, SUN Dun, WANG Tao

Journal: Journal of Inorganic Materials
ISSN 1000-324X

Volume: 25;
Issue: 7;
Start page: 765;
Original page

Keywords: superhydrophobic; hierarchical structure; self-assemble; anticorrosion

A superhydrophobic surface was obtained by using g-aminopropyltriethoxylsilane (KH550) as a linker from organic-inorganic self-assemble process. By utilizing silane with amine functional group and Si-hydroxy functional group, bionic superhydrophobic surfaces with hierarchical microsphere/nanofiber structures were prepared on metal surfaces. The corrosion behavior of the composite film was investigated by electrochemicial impedance spectroscope (EIS). The maximal contact angle for water on the composite film is about 152°. Scanning electron microscope (SEM). Test result shows that the lotus-like film has microsphere/nanofiber hierarchical structure. The surface of the film forms a composite framework which plays an essential role in trapping air between the solid substrate and the liquid droplets to get high contact angle and low roll angle. Electrochemical corrosion measurements results indicate that the composite film has excellent corrosion protection for mild steel. The corrosion current of mild steel is nearly 1´104 times than that of the sample coated with the composite film, while the corrosion impedance increases dramatically. It suggests that the superdrophobic film has good corrosion resistance.

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