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Fabrication of Low-Roughness Au/Ti/ SiO2/Si Substrates for Nanopatterning of 16-Mercapto Hexadecanoic Acid (MHA) by Dip-Pen-Nanolithography

Author(s): A. Kumar | P.B. Agarwal | S.K. Gupta | A.K. Sharma | D. Kumar | Chandra Shekhar

Journal: Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics
ISSN 2077-6772

Volume: 4;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 02022-1;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Atomic force microscopy | Dip-pen-nanolithography | Nanopatterning | Self-assembled-monolayer

Silicon based low-roughness Au/Ti/SiO2/Si substrates were fabricated using standard IC fabrication processes. Evolution of surface roughness during substrate fabrication process was studied. Fabrication process steps, namely, thermal oxidation and e-beam evaporation for ultra-thin Ti(~ 5 nm)/Au(22 nm) films, were optimized to result in surface r.m.s roughness ~ 0.2 m and ~ 1.0 nm, after thermal oxidation and Ti/Au deposition steps respectively. Surface roughness was estimated by atomic force microscope (AFM) imaging and image analysis. Nano-patterning experiments using thiol based 16-MHA molecular-ink on fabricated substrates were carried out, under controlled environment conditions, by dip-pen-nanolitho-graphy (DPN) technique. Minimum line-width ~ 60 nm and circular dots radius ~ 175 nm were patterned.
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