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Facets of Islamic Terrorism in Italy

Author(s): Armando Spataro

Journal: Circunstancia
ISSN 1696-1277

Issue: 18;
Date: 2009;
Original page

Keywords: Islamic terrorism | Italy

Preface to the analysis of the Italian situation. The phenomenon of Islamic terrorism in Italy : general considerations on its structure, origins, logistical support, cover-up activities, behavioral rules, financing, possible connections with organized crime and internal terrorism. How do Islamic terrorists live in Italy ? Statements by collaborators, manuals and other documents. Financing Islamic terrorism in Italy. Connections with common and/or organized criminality or with internal terrorist groups. Terrorist groups in Italian territory and the main investigations in Italy . An update on the evaluation of the modalities of operation of Islamic terrorist groups and of the risk factors in Italy . Mosques. The Italian legal system to fight the international terrorism. The reinforcement of international cooperation facilitates the abandonment of particularistic views and the exchange of information. The need to respect the fundamental rights of the people: one page 21

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