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Facility Location Problem with Different Type of Clients

Author(s): Lisheng Wang | Rongheng Li | Jingui Huang

Journal: Intelligent Information Management
ISSN 2160-5912

Volume: 03;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 71;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Heuristic Algorithm | Complexity | Facility Location

This paper proposes a new model of facility location problem referred to as k-product uncapacitated facility location problem with multi-type clients. The k-product uncapacitated facility location problem with multi- type clients consists of two set of sites, one is the set of demand points where clients are located and the other is the set of sites where facilities of unlimited capacities can be set up to serve the clients. Each facility can provide only one kind of products. Each client needs to be served by a set of facilities depending on which products it needs. Each facility can be set up only for one of the k products with a non-negative fixed cost determined by the product it is designated to provide. There is also a nonnegative cost of shipping goods between each pair of locations. The problem is to determine the set of facilities to be set up and to find an assignment of each client to a set of facilities so that the sum of the setup costs and the shipping costs is minimized. Under the assumption that the setting costs is zero and the shipping costs are in facilities centered metric space, it is shown that the problem with two kinds of clients is NP-complete. Furthermore a heuristic algorithm with worst case performance ratio not more than 2-1/k is presented for any integer k.
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