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Ferro Content in Soil and Mustard Leave (Brassica junjea) Treated by Agricultural Waste on the Biosensitizer-Iron Photoreduction

Author(s): Johnly Alfreds Rorong | Sudiarso | Jeany Polii-Mandang | Edi Suryanto

Journal: Jurnal Tanah Tropika
ISSN 0852-257X

Volume: 17;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 211;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Agricultural waste extract | ferro analysis | iron photoreduction | soil category

Atom absorption spectrophotometer (AAS) had been used to analyzed Ferro in the soil and in the green mustard leaf (Brassica junjea treated with phenolics extract from the agricultural wastes of clove leaf (Eugenia aromatica),rice straw (Oryza sativa) and water hyacinth leaf (Eichhornia crassipessolms), in which the phenolics as the electron donor on the biosensitizer – iron photoreduction. Phenolics extract was obtained from varions of aquadest and 40;60; 80%methanol. The solution without extract was used as sensitizer, while the extract without illumination was used as control. Green mustard was packed into medium polybag within it added by 2,000 mg kg-1. Soil type as sample was volcanic soil in various categories, such as:soil-extract, soil NPK fertilizer extract, and soil control.Results of Ferro analysis in the clove leafs treated with 80% methanol indicated the highest increasing Fe2+ of 22.94 mg kg-1. Rice straw treated with 60% methanol showed the highest increasing Fe2+ of 34.5 mg kg-1. The water hyacinth leafs treated with 60% methanol obtained the highest increasing Fe2+ of 17.67 mg kg-1. Fe2+ concentration at soil-clove leafs had the highest increasing of Fe2+ production for 5.6 mg kg-1. Its concentration at soil NPK fertilizer extract water hyacinth leafs showed the highest increasing of Fe2+ production for 13.39 mg kg-1. Highest concentration of Fe2+ in the green mustard at soil NPK fertilizer extract clove leafs was 176.37 mg kg-1. Various concentrations and various soil categories resulted in the highest increasing Fe2+ concentration in each agricultural waste extract.
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