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Field Demonstration of Trichoderma harzianum as a Plant Growth Promoter in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L)

Author(s): Pratibha Sharma | Amar Nath Patel | Mahesh Kumar Saini | Swati Deep

Journal: Journal of Agricultural Science
ISSN 1916-9752

Volume: 4;
Issue: 8;
Date: 2012;
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A three year study (2008-2011) on the validation of the Trichoderma technology for growth promoting ability of Trichoderma harzianum (Th3) was evaluated in the popular wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) variety Raj 3765 at farmer’s field through TIFAC-DST project entitled “On Farm Demonstration and Commercial Production of Trichoderma as Biopesticide and Growth Promoter”. The biological formulation was developed at Biological Control Laboratory, Division of Plant Pathology, IARI, New Delhi, and was successfully demonstrated in two districts of Rajasthan viz., Jaipur and Kota belonging to different agro climatic zones. Rhizospheric Competence Index along with its growth promotion effect on rootlets, tillers, weight of grains and grain yield were evaluated by using it at three stages of crop viz., seed, flowering and preharvesting @ 4g/kg and @ 4ml/L along with soil treatment with a mixture of farm yard manure and formulation @ 50:1 before sowing. Compared to the first year where the farmers were unaware of Trichoderma in 2008-09, a significant increase in yield of wheat from 36.25 to 46.73Q/ha (29% in Jaipur) and from 36.88 to 50.12Q/ha (36% in Kota) has been observed after continuous application for three years (2008-2011) The total income and the benefit cost ratio of farmers increased both at Jaipur (Rs 56242/ha, 1:1.8) and Kota (Rs 60332/ha, 1:1.9).
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