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First downscattered neutron images from Inertial Confinement Fusion experiments at the National Ignition Facility

Author(s): Guler Nevzat | Aragonez Robert J. | Archuleta Thomas N. | Batha Steven H. | Clark David D. | Clark Deborah J. | Danly Chris R. | Day Robert D. | Fatherley Valerie E. | Finch Joshua P. | Gallegos Robert A. | Garcia Felix P. | Grim Gary | Hsu Albert H. | Jaramillo Steven A. | Loomis Eric N. | Mares Danielle | Martinson Drew D. | Merrill Frank E. | Morgan George L. | Munson Carter | Murphy Thomas J. | Oertel John A. | Polk Paul J. | Schmidt Derek W. | Tregillis Ian L. | Valdez Adelaida C. | Volegov Petr L. | Wang Tai-Sen F. | Wilde Carl H. | Wilke Mark D. | Wilson Douglas C. | Atkinson Dennis P. | Bower Dan E. | Drury Owen B. | Dzenitis John M. | Felker Brian | Fittinghoff David N. | Frank Matthias | Liddick Sean N. | Moran Michael J. | Roberson George P. | Weiss Paul | Buckles Robert A. | Cradick Jerry R. | Kaufman Morris I. | Lutz Steve S. | Malone Robert M. | Traille Albert

Journal: EPJ Web of Conferences
ISSN 2100-014X

Volume: 59;
Start page: 13018;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Inertial Confinement Fusion experiments at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) are designed to understand and test the basic principles of self-sustaining fusion reactions by laser driven compression of deuterium-tritium (DT) filled cryogenic plastic (CH) capsules. The experimental campaign is ongoing to tune the implosions and characterize the burning plasma conditions. Nuclear diagnostics play an important role in measuring the characteristics of these burning plasmas, providing feedback to improve the implosion dynamics. The Neutron Imaging (NI) diagnostic provides information on the distribution of the central fusion reaction region and the surrounding DT fuel by collecting images at two different energy bands for primary (13–15 MeV) and downscattered (10–12 MeV) neutrons. From these distributions, the final shape and size of the compressed capsule can be estimated and the symmetry of the compression can be inferred. The first downscattered neutron images from imploding ICF capsules are shown in this paper.
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