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From official educational policy to the composition classroom: Reproduction through metaphor and metonymy

Author(s): Norma Barletta Manjarrés, Nolvia A. Cortez Román & Star Medzerian

Journal: Journal of Writing Research
ISSN 2030-1006

Volume: 4;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 53;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: collaborative writing | collaboration | higher education | interaction

This paper uses critical discourse analysis to examine the language used in the teaching and learning of writing in a composition program in a public university in the United States. The objective was to identify metaphors and metonymies employed to construct an official standpoint of writing and the teaching of writing within the program, to identify the ideological position of the views conveyed in the documents and to analyze how this perspective is passed down hierarchically from the official documents to those actually developed and used by the instructors in the classrooms. The metaphors and metonymies used in the documents construct writing as an important commodity and college writing as more valuable than writing in other places. Metaphors and metonymies stood out as important semiotic devices for instructors to stay within a given pedagogical and educational perspective in ways that may normally be largely unnoticed by them.

Tango Jona
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