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Gastrointestinal Parasitic Fauna of Camel (Camelus dromedarius) <br> Slaughtered at Faisalabad Abattoir

Author(s): M. Anwar | C.S. Hayat

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences
ISSN 1028-8880

Volume: 2;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 209;
Date: 1999;
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Camel guts (n=600) were examined to determine the gastrointestinal parasitic fauna. The overall prevalence was recorded as 69.1 (415/600) per cent. The prevalence of nematodes, cestodes and trematodes was 42.3, 22.5 and 4.3 per cent, respectively. The infected guts (n=415) had a mixed infection (32.5 %) of different species of nematodes viz., Haemonchus contortus, Trichuris ovis, Trichuris globulosa, Trichostrongylus probolurus, camelostrongylus mentulatus, Ostertagia circumcincta, Chabertia ovina, Oesophagostomum venulosum and Cooperia onchophora. The species of cestodes identified included Moniezia expansa, Moniezia benedni, Stilesia globipunctata and those of trematodes Paramphistomum cervi, Carmyerious spatiosus and Gastrothylax crumenifer. The coprological examination revealed three protozoan species i.e. Eimeria cameli, Eimeria (Globidium) cameli and Eimeria dromedarii.
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