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Gémellité, dédoublement et changement de perspectives dans la trilogie d’Agota Kristof: / Le Grand cahier /, / La Preuve /, / Le Troisième mensonge /

Author(s): Margarita Alfaro Amieiro

Journal: Çédille : Revista de Estudios Franceses
ISSN 1699-4949

Volume: Monografías 2;
Issue: 2011;
Start page: 283;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Kristof | twins trilogy | wicked twinship | exile | writings | totalitarianism.

Agota Kristof (1935-2011), Hungar-ian writer exiled in Switzerland since 1956, tackles the topic of twinship in her first three novels: Le Grand cahier(1986), La Preuve (1988), Le Troisième mensonge (1991). The two main characters, Lucas and Claus, represent the dream of twin brothers as a way of reaching the full identity. From one novel to other arise a wicked twinship characterized by the splitting and the fictional game. Her cha-racters embody the parody of men unable to live in a unity project and the sarcastic allegory of the lived situation in eastern Europe in the XX century. The experience of totalitarianism marks her live and her work.
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