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General and compulsory technical education

Author(s): Furmarek Waldemar

Journal: Technológia vzdelávania
ISSN 1335-003X

Volume: 18;
Issue: 8;
Start page: 14;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: model of technical education | contemporary technology | functions of technical education

The essential part of education should be concentratedaround the varied system of technical education, adjustedto the development abilities of the students. Theseintegrated forms of technical activities determine one ofthe most important aspects of pedagogical technical education.In which the focus is placed not on the teachingabout technology, not only on passing diverse technicalknowledge but foremost on the many-sided developmentof all psychological spheres of each student, including thedevelopment of his system of technical abilities.Technical knowledge used in technical situations, whichwill enable meaningful and reason-based technical actionsof a human being must become a dominant element.The system of content of technical education cannot bebased on the scientific criteria only. Since these are of littleuse in practical actions. Each technical situation axiologicallyloaded requires knowledge from different fields ofstudy. That is why the system of content should be ofinterdisciplinary character from horizontal perspectiveand spiral from vertical one.What is more, at each stage of education, students shoulddevelop in their minds an image of modern technicaleducation and their place within it. For that reason technicaleducation must develop individual mental features ofthe students, must boost both their abilities and technicalinterests. Additionally, it must strengthen the feeling ofself-esteem and develop ethical dimension of their subjectivetechnical culture.Focusing on these aspects should result in enforcing thestyle of subject-oriented education fulfilled within this fieldof education. At the same time such understood technicaleducation would depict modern technology as a way tothe world of human values. Knowing, understanding andinternalization them will surely be visible I the meaningfulactions of each person in all technical situations.

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