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The genus Odontocynips Kieffer, 1910 (Hymenoptera, Cynipidae, Cynipini) in Panama, with redescription of Cynips championi Cameron, 1883

Author(s): Medianero, E. | Nieves-Aldrey, J. L. | Pujade-Villar, J.

Journal: Graellsia
ISSN 0367-5041

Volume: 67;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 35;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Cynipidae | oak gall wasps | Quercus | Chiriqui | Panama | Cynips championi | Cynipidae | avispas gallícolas | Quercus | Chiriquí | Panamá | Cynips championi

The genus Odontocynips Kieffer, 1910 (Hymenoptera, Cynipidae, Cynipini) is recorded for the first time in Panama, including two species, O. championi (Cameron) and O. hansoni Pujade-Villar, that induce galls on Quercus bumelioides Liebm. and Q. lancifolia Schledl & Cham. (Fagaceae, sect. Quercus, White Oaks), respectively. Odontocynips championi (Cameron, 1833), originally described as Cynips championi Cameron based solely on galls, is redescribed including the first description of the adults, a neotype is designated and a new combination is established. The known distribution and host range of O. hansoni, recorded earlier from Costa Rica, are also expanded upon.Se cita por primera vez para Panamá el género Odontocynips Kieffer, 1910 (Hymenoptera, Cynipidae, Cynipini), incluyendo dos especies: Odontocynips championi (Cameron) y O. hansoni Pujade-Villar, que inducen agallas en Quercus bumelioides Liebm. y Q. lancifolia Schledl & Cham. (Fagaceae, sect. Quercus, robles blancos), respectivamente. Se redescribe Odontocynips championi (Cameron, 1833), descrita solo a partir de sus agallas como Cynips championi Cameron, se describen por primera vez los adultos, se designa un neotipo y se establece una nueva combinación taxonómica al transferirla al género Odontocynips. Por otra parte, se amplía la distribución geográfica y rango de hospedador de O. hansoni, previamente citada sólo de Costa Rica.

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