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Geometrical precision of 3DP casting form for founding gears

Author(s): T. Markowski | G. Budzik | B. Kozik | T. Dziubek | B. Sobolewski | M. Zaborniak

Journal: Archives of Foundry Engineering
ISSN 1897-3310

Volume: 10;
Issue: SI 1;
Start page: 391;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: gears | casting form | geometrical precision | rapid prototyping

The article presents analysis of geometrical precision of casting form made by means of 3DP method. Three dimentional printing is a universal method of rapid prototyping which can be used to make tools – castings forms as a Rapid Tooling method. By means of this method in direct incremental process a casting form of spur gear was created. Precision of creating the form by 3DP method depends on different factors. Technological factors depending on machine operator include: the thickness of the layer and placing the model in working space. The precision of creating the model also depends on preparing the printer for work: the condition and calibration of printing heads, the condition of the printing unit slide guides and preparing the working space. Three dimentional printer Z510 Spectrum was prepared for work in a way assuring the greatest precision of created models. Technological parameters responsible for precision were set on maximum values. The aim of the research was defining the precision of casting form generated by 3DP Rapid Prototyping Method. The research was made by means of coordinate measuring machine Wenzel LH87. The measuring machine software was used to compare the outcome of the measurement to nominal model 3D-CAD. The problem of tool precision of casting forms generated by Rapid Tooling is rarely considered in literature covering rapid prototyping and casting technologies. That is why the research presented in this article isan original work in the technological and practical aspect.
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