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Geomorphosite Valorization a View to Sustainable Development: Case of Ait Hajji, Oued Boulahmayel Valley, Central Morocco

Author(s): Nahraoui Fatima Zahra | El Wartiti Mohamed | Zahraoui Mohamed | Dabi Sanaa

Journal: Journal of Geographic Information System
ISSN 2151-1950

Volume: 03;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 12;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Geological Site | Geomorphology | Central Morocco | Ait Hajji | Oued Boulahmayel | Fluvial-lacustrine Formations | Geo-eco-tourism | Sustainable Development

The Pleistocene Fluvial-lacustrine of Ait Hajji Formation is located in South East of Tiddas, and in the Qua-ternary deposits of the Moroccan Central Plateau. These outcrops represent on a geomorphosite of great im-portance for the study of geological heritage, and for a natural eco-tourism valorization in Morocco. For to aim a natural tourism promotion, for indigenous peoples, this geomorphosite in question has an fluorescent and dense flora with a diversified fauna in the heart of one Ordovician quartzite bar and Devonian limestone ridges. In Oued Boulahmayel geomorphosite contains a memory geological Formation of a Pleistocene epi-sode, beginning firstly by a dynamic fluviatil land synchronous with a local volcanic activity (Phonolite ne-phelinc) replaced by a lake sedimentation related to the formation of a dam natural, created a few hundred meters downstream from Boulahmayel. For valorizing of the hinterland of the plains towns, it is necessary to develop a geo-eco-tourism integrated who provide its harvest and will argue the benefits resources of rural people of high-mountains in their own environment. It is proposed in the perspective to initiate a sustainable development approach, while ensuring the conservation and ensure the continued natural existence of the surroundings environments and to appreciate the potential of the region. Thus that beauty hidden in the hin-terland upstream to a tourist eager for discoveries, to encourage them to practice their stay as short as it is, in a safe space and very quiet. In order to materialize the concept of geo-eco-tourism, we must deploy the ef-forts of local people, policy makers and scientists in order to produce tourist maps with different interesting routes, to implant signal panels, to develop tracks campsites and trails within the forests, creating shelters and rest houses in private homes, as well as provide training for specialized guideā€™s rescuers.
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