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市場經濟、全球化與數位圖書館發展的反思 | Globalization, Market Economy in Developing Digital Library

Author(s): 陳俊湘 Chun-Hsiang Chen

Journal: Journal of Library and Information Science
ISSN 0363-3640

Volume: 27;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2001;
Original page

頁次:83-88數位圖書館發展的過程中,依賴市場經濟的企業經營模式似成為不可避免的趨向,然而隱身在資訊與經濟全球化背後的公共需求與資訊依賴議題,更值得資訊依賴國家在發展數位圖書館時的重視。The development of digital libraries has been facing budgets, human resources and technical issues. Inevitably, it tends to rely on the business model based on market economy in developing digital libraries. However, under business globalization and knowledge-based economics, issues such as public needs, information dependence, information-haves and information-have-nots are worth of attention while developing digital libraries.

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