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Glomerular Filtration Rate Assessment Using Creatinine Related Parameters for Healthy Adult Kenyan Population

Author(s): Stanley K. Waithaka

Journal: Asian Journal of Medical Sciences
ISSN 2040-8765

Volume: 2;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 141;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Adult kenyan | glomerular filtration rate | kenyatta national hospital | reference range

The purpose of the study was to establish the reference ranges of measured creatinine clearance andestimated creatinine clearance for adult Kenyan population. A prospective study carried out in clinicalchemistry laboratory of Kenyatta National Hospital involving 265 healthy individuals between 18-60 years.Reference ranges were constructed by using the parametric methods to estimate 2.5 and 97.5 percentiles ofdistribution as lower and upper reference limits. The glomerular filtration rate assessment of the adult healthyKenyan population was carried out by investigating Serum Creatinine (SrCr), 24 h urine creatinine clearance(Mcrcl), estimated creatinine clearance (Ecrcl), Urine C reatinine (UC r) and Urine Volume (UV). Two hundredand sixty five voluntarily study subjects comprising of 106 male and 159 females were recruited in the study.Sex related reference values were established as follows: SrCr [male:68-128), female: 60-122] umol/l, Mcrcl[male:52-110), female: 50-92] ml/min, Ecrcl [male:54-118), female: 58-106] ml/min, UCr [male:3588-10,400,female:3262-9886] umol/l and UV [male:875-2301, female: 802-2092] ml/24 h. Same sex mean difference wasfound for the established reference ranges of M crcl and Ecrcl (male p = 0.021 and female p = 0.000).Decline rate in creatinine clearance in the ages under investigation were: male measured creatinine clearance(0.46 ml/min/year), male estimated creatinine clearance (0.29 ml/min), female measured creatinine clearance(0.39 ml/min/year) and female estimated creatinine clearance (0.2 ml/min). In conclusion, sex specific referenceranges for the assessment of glomerular filtration rate has been established. Age is an important factor in theinterpretation of creatinine clearance of an individual. These reference ranges are different from thosereported in literature, therefore each clinical chemistry laboratory should establish its own.
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