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GPS Technology for the Development of Business Information Systems

Author(s): Mihaela MURESAN

Journal: Informatica Economica Journal
ISSN 1453-1305

Volume: X;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 82;
Date: 2006;
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Keywords: GPS | DGPS | GPRS | generic architecture | risk management | geointelligence | image handling for decision support

The use of the GPS system opens the way for a new generation of information systems using geospatial information. The geoinformation provided by the GPS system could be used in various applications, such as: positioning and monitoring the behavior of the objects static or in movement, navigating, measuring the surfaces etc. These new approach introduces the concept of image handling for decision support which involves a better geoimage handling in order to make easier for decision makers to discover, access, and integrate geospatial information in decision-support scenarios. A very useful application is the risk management for the vehicles with direct benefits in terms of competitivity, for the transport organizations, and of road transport safety, for the society. The safety of the road transport is a priority in the light of the policy on trans-European networks for transport (TEN-T) and according to the actual and future trend related to the freight on the road (75% of the freight goes by road according to the Third report on Economic and social Cohesion, February 2004). The implementation of a high technology solution based on GPS communication for the monitoring of transports along the whole itinerary and the immediate alert in case of various non-procedural behavior, increases the road transport security and avoids accidents and disasters. Minimizing the risk for the road transport is a general concern at the EU level, as well as at the national level. The design and the development of transport risk management information systems will contribute to stimulate the implementation of the new technologies in the current transport organizations' activity and to change the internal processes according to the philosophy introduced by the information society. The transport risk management system integrates detection and communication intelligent equipment, various communication technologies and networking solutions with powerful computers and software. The positioning, monitoring and protection system represents an innovative solution for the risk management in the road transport field.
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