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文化遗产的绿色低碳协同进化管理研究 Green and Low-Carbon Co-Evolution Management Study in Cultural Heritage

Author(s): 易小力

Journal: Modern Management
ISSN 2160-7311

Volume: 01;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 161;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 文化遗产 | 绿色 | 低碳 | 质量生态系统 | 协同进化 | Cultural Heritage | Green | Low-Carbon | Quality Ecological System | Co-Evolution

文化遗产是前人留给我们的宝贵财富,给我们带来了巨大的财富,也当然应该是我们留给后 人的珍贵财富。但是,如何让文化遗产尽可能合理地留给后人呢?笔者认为应该把文化遗产与相关方放在一起,围绕绿色和低碳坐标,让它们协同进化。本文的创新点在于,把绿色低碳、质量生态系统、协同进化理论引入文化遗产研究,提出构建文化遗产生态系统,采用以自然生态为主的餐饮购娱、以绿色建筑为主的建筑能源、以绿色道路为主的交通运输协调进化方式,营造内外部环境,旨在实现文化遗产的绿色循环利用、生态互补、可持续发展。Cultural heritage is a precious treasure which our predecessors left us, which brings us great wealth and also need to be left to our future generations as a precious wealth. However, how should our generations succeed or inherit cultural heritage as much reasonable as possible? The author believes that the stakeholders or relevant involvers and cultural heritage should be put together so that they can realize co-evolution around green and low-carbon coordinates. The innovation of this paper lies in introducing green and low-carbon & quality ecological system & co-evolution theory into cultural heritage study, constructing green ecological system, proposing the co-evolution mode of catering & merchandizing & entertainment systems based on natural ecosystem, and green energy system based on green building, and green transportation delivering system based on green road and travel, creating internal and external green environment, in order to achieve green recycling and ecological complementarities and sustainable development of cultural heritage.
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