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Grid Resource Allocation: A Review

Author(s): Haruna Ahmed Abba | Nordin B. Zakaria | Nazleeni Haron

Journal: Research Journal of Information Technology
ISSN 2041-3106

Volume: 4;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 38;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Efficiency | grid computing | performance | resource allocation | scalability

As computing technology improves the accessibility to computing resources increases, the demands put on resources gets higher and higher. A grid is a large-scale, heterogeneous, dynamic collection of independent systems, geographically distributed and interconnected with high speed networks. Furthermore, in grid, the resource allocation is a process of allocating user jobs to the CPUs. These jobs are divided into tasks which are allocated to different computers on grid for execution process. Resource allocation is one of the critical features of grid technology. Thus, we found that resource heterogeneity has a great impact on resource allocation which is quite significant in terms of performance, reliability, robustness and scalability. Indeed, the system robustness increases as the system complexity increases. In other words, resource allocation is also an NP complete problem where there is no final solution. The main objective of this study is to review the various grid resource allocations strategies which will in turn serve as a guide for researchers and our vision for future research directions. Therefore, to facilitate further developments in the area, it is essential to survey and review the existing body of knowledge. Therefore, in this chapter, we have studied and classified various ways to achieve an optimum solution. Operation research management (game theory and transportation method) which have been widely use in grid resource allocation for optimum solution, we will design and evaluate a new algorithm for resource allocation either by using simulation or real grid environment.
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