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Author(s): Malin Song | Dingding Pan | Jie Wu | Li Yang | Hongping Zhou | Christopher Clemence

Journal: Journal of Computers
ISSN 1796-203X

Volume: 6;
Issue: 9;
Start page: 1797;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Special Issue | Computer Application | Economic Analysis of Law | Business Management

Nowadays, the computer is ubiquitous in the business world; many new computer applications have been developed for economic analysis of law and business management evaluation and forecasting in the past several years. With the rise of the Internet, computing is ever more integral to many disciplines than ever. As the average business becomes more and more computerized, so to does the science of studying business and economic analysis of law. These fields benefited greatly from the rise in quantity and power of the computer as well.“Tax Evasion, Taxation Inspection and Net Tax Revenue: from an Optimal Tax Administration Perspective” discusses the tax evasion and builds a general equilibrium model. In this paper, the interaction between tax declaration and taxation inspection is analyzed, and some policies and proposals about taxation inspection are proposed. “The Developmental Analysis of China’s Information Technology Services” makes an analysis on the development features, significance, present situation and existed problems of information technology services in China, and gives some relative suggestions on how to develop the information services of China better.“A Web Survey Program Based on Computer Technology and Its Application to Evaluation Model about Youth Self-organizations in China” studies the network and youth self-organizations based on web-platform, forecasts the developmental trend of adolescents by analyzing their current situation in China, and builds the evolution model for youth self-organizations.“The Research on the Influencing Factors of Financing Strategy of Woman Entrepreneurs in China” examines gender differences among Chinese entrepreneurs seeking financing pattern, studies the factors those affect women entrepreneurs’ financing strategies.“A Spatial Econometric Analysis of China’s Manufacturing Agglomeration based on Geoda and Matlab” uses spatial econometric methods to analyze the influencing factors of China’s provincial manufacturing Agglomeration by Geoda software and Matlab network tools.“Application of Computer Technology in Efficiency Analysis of China Life Insurance Company” aims at studying the application of computer technology in efficiency analysis of China life insurance company.“A Bayesian Belief Net Model to evaluating Organizational Safety Risks” presents a methodology for organizational risk analysis for safety management.“Research and Application of J2EE and AJAX Technologies in Industry Report” analyzes the weakness of the traditional industry report, and proposes an industry report system based on J2EE and AJAX technologies.“The Analysis of China New Energy Vehicle Industry Alliance Status based on UCINET Software” uses the software UCINET to draw up the picture of China’s new energy vehicle industry alliance network, and studies the cooperation relationships within the alliances through analyzing their elements.“Efficiency Evaluation Information System Based on Data Envelopment Analysis” studies the data envelopment analysis, and demonstrates the bridge between DEA and MIS for building efficiency evaluation information system.“An Optimal Inventory Control Model for a Supply Chain with Shortage Constraints” researches on the inventory decision model of the minimum total annual cost of the supply chain.“Variable Selection for Credit Risk Model Using Data Mining Technique” estimates long term default probability for developing appropriate credit risk model with the estimated default probability using Transition Matrix and mapping methods.“Corporate-, Product-, and User-Image Dimensions and Purchase Intentions” investigates the effects of corporate-, product-, and user image dimensions on purchase intensions with cognitive and affective attitudes as mediator, and conducts a questionnaire survey.“A Microcomputer-Based Predictive Digital Current Programmed Control System for Three-phase PWM Rectifier” sets up a microcomputer control system for three-phase PWM rectifier using the floating-point digital signal processor TMS320LF2407 from Texas Instruments.“Supply Chain Coordination under Return Policy with Asymmetric Information about Cost of Reverse Logistics Operations” predicts the return policy and supply chain coordination in a channel of one supplier and one retailer.“Economic Development and Financial Support for Coal Resource Cities — A Panel Data Analysis” considers the high industry concentration of financial resources, which leads to a decline in financial resource allocation efficiency.We hope that the readers of this Special Issue could find and would enjoy something, such as the academic ideas, methods and enlightening form the papers in this Special Issue.
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