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Guida degli indicatori per la valutazione della qualità di programmi e servizi per persone con autismo

Author(s): José Luis Gómez Cuesta | Antonella Valenti

Journal: Topologik : Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Filosofiche, Pedagogiche e Sociali
ISSN 2036-5683

Issue: 12;
Start page: 105;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: autism | quality of life | autistic spectrum disorder | evaluation of services | indicators

- Guidebook of quality indicators for use in evaluating programmes and services for persons with autism - The search for quality of life and the trend towards continual improvement has today become a true reference which guides most social organizations.The bodies which offer support to persons with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (referred to hereon as ASD) have not gone untouched by the influence of this concept of quality. The serious difficulties which are associated with this disorder affect the main areas of ones personal development: socialisation, communication, comprehension, and adaptation to ones environment, and they require that organizations promote integral networks of resources which guarantee a lifetime of quality services and support.The difficulties of assessing quality of life in persons with ASD from the subjective perspective, make it especially necessary to find valid indicators that help us to favour certain conditions in the ASD person´s environment.This identified need is justification for the objective put forward: To design an instrument capable of being used to assess the quality of life of persons with ASD, made up of a Guide of Indicators, which organizations and programmes can then use to promote favourable conditions.

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