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Güzel Sanat Eserlerinde Fikri Mülkiyet Hakları ve Uygulamaları

Author(s): İsa ELİRİ

Journal: Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi
ISSN 1302-1796

Issue: 23;
Start page: 62;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Art | Reconciliation | Rigt | Possession | Law | Work

All rights absolute rule of law, is born. In other words, do not protect the interests of law and did not recognize a privilege"rights" can not be considered. Therefore, what rights should be considered include whether the rights of the elements, todetermine the scope and limits of the legal system job.Today, the community of nations in all its aspects to be developed on the basis of consciousness, thoughts lies. Thoughts, inthis sense, everyone is open to public use, public properties are moving. To be shared and spread to the outside shot in thedirection of a trend carrying thoughts, with a variety of tools and a permanent outward when hit, now a special case of personstands out. Transferred to a permanent way out ideas, the owner can move the properties, the owner felt itself, where it makessense to have the responsibilities that are installed. Actions that can be dedicated to people in society, but punishable or can beawarded. Therefore, living in a society that represents the product of the actions and the actions of the individual with upgradingor responsibility, but rights can be won is going to face the day. In other words, but the shape is defined by the Law onIntellectual and Artistic Works adopted for products work with intellectual property rights in question may be. First of allintellectual efforts, as a physical phenomenon, appealing to our senses to the outside world must come to see as the mainconditions. To the outside world have not been as physical, of the conservation efforts already shaped an idea is not possible.Herein effort, intellectual effort. Or to all the outside world, have taken a certain way does not qualify as work product. Intellectual property rights, largely with basic human rights are considered as well as economic, social and cultural life ofsociety as well as industrial and technological development is extremely important nowadays because of the influence gained.Therefore, fast motion and technological developments in our world of art in the world of ideas and brings with violations. In theage we live in societies and the protection of their rights calls has become a way of life.Thoughts on the rights protection required product is the first cause of social justice are needed. Justice, personal and socialrights and benefits requires a balance between the right to be. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the cultural life of thebalance between the two interest groups is required. Owners and community work.Creative idea for labor of the products in the best way to exploit conditions for the regulation of addition of these products ofsociety that under optimal conditions and the concept of justice required by way to exploit the necessary ways and methods ofregulation, in fact, communities that quantitatively and qualitatively more powerful than an idea the product of wealth to exploitthe possibility will provide.Beautiful work of art the idea of law as requested "an aesthetic content as a surface or object and put the idea of human senseof sight to the allocution products" understandable. In other words, the human sense of beauty products that appeal to the idea ofvirtu is called. Seen from this perspective, see beautiful works of art as an aesthetic pleasure to address our need awakening, on asurface or object formed ideas into products. Beautiful works of art with any of the statements in question is not language. Theseare static in nature, as they are, as a rule means a constant need for expression and detection are shown."Information of Ownership to the criteria of" the present level of development is considered the best indicator is known. Thepriority given to information of one of the most important indicator of the importance given to art and artists in the country inquestion is the equivalent of the use and protection of intellectual property rights and interests to the approach they are the legalprovisions. Protection of intellectual property rights, on the one hand, and this piece of work with labor and capital transfer to thepublic by putting the protection of those rights, on the other hand, the internal and external sanctions within the framework ofinternational agreements in accordance with contemporary norms should be carried out also brings.Cultural structure of society over time, a common denominator of popular culture in the process enters the intersection. Allof these relationships to track and observe the assimilation ultimately reflect different and unique interpretation to the outside isan artist. Other members of society in the social life of the society which needs some essential elements and activities in itsproduction, while artists, aesthetic pleasure and enjoyment to the values at the point of having the body work of individuals bybringing this point to address the needs and do work. This matter is not easy, as seen in no.What is intellectual and artistic works, where the boundaries begin and where we ended the day specified by law, although stilloften difficult to quit smoking as a human phenomenon stands out against us. For this reason, thinking and ideas to implement inthe context of the brain thinks the efforts of individuals and to society of not disappointed not create an unfair situation in termsof solutions requires.Regulation of expression of cultural life, intellectual and creative power of art in the field will find encouragement and supportdescribes the preparation of a suitable average. Promote and support the work of the creative power of ideas and works of art andartifacts related to the protection of the rights to play the role of law is related to. Thoughts on the rights protection requiredproduct is the first cause of social justice are needed. Justice, personal and social rights and benefits requires a balance between theright to be. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the cultural life of the balance between the two interest groups is required.Owners and community work. Creative idea for labor of the products in the best way to exploit conditions for the regulation ofaddition of these products of society that under optimal conditions and the concept of justice required by way to exploit thenecessary ways and methods of regulation, in fact, communities that quantitatively and qualitatively more powerful than an ideathe product of wealth to exploit the possibility will provide.Work, on the state of the material and moral rights protection and effective legal rules under the belief that thoughts of theproduct has encouraged more and more qualified work power generation will have no doubt. Among the various world countries,reviews, thoughts on the products more comprehensive and effective protection of the rights of countries in the field of cultureand art was further developed and became rich revealed. Of the works, the owner of the products of the creative thinking that isundisputed. On the other hand, the country's products and thought enough of their owners and can not effectively protected, butalso the country's cultural heritage conservation and the development adversely affects.Work and respect for labor rights as an absolute social awareness and adoption by authorities of all social and vital that theindividual's absolute right to be aware that there needs to be. After all this, to express the most fundamental rights of individualswho have been transferred to the application of aesthetic products to the idea of having both the individual and protectionrequired by the state before the law to conclude that protection is a necessity will be inevitable

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