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The haematological and biochemical profile of the tumor-bearing rats submited to the cytostatic treatment with some polyphenolic or polysaccharidic biopreparations

Author(s): Daniela Gherghel | Pincu Rotinberg | Cosmin Mihai | Elena Truta | Gabriela Capraru | Ruxandra Cretu | Ion Neacsu | Hellen Rotinberg

Journal: Analele Ştiinţifice Ale Universităţii Alexandru Ioan Cuza din Iași,Sectiunea II A : Genetica si Biologie Moleculara
ISSN 1582-3571

Volume: 10;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 73;
Date: 2009;
Original page

The assessment of the biocompatibility between the development of the tumor-bearing animal’s physiological processes and the polysaccharidic or polyphenolic antitumoral treatment was performed in vivo, on experimental models adequate to the preclinical pharmacotoxicological research. The slight decrease of the total number of circulatory erythrocytes, – correlated, by sense and amplitude, to the levels of the hemoglobin and hematocrit – the low level of leukocytosis and trombocytosis or thrombocytopenia, have reflected a moderate impact of the polysaccharidic or polyphenolic extracts upon the hemo- , leuko-, and thrombopoetic organs. The plasmatic hypoproteinemia, hypoalbuminemia, hyperglobulinemia, moderate hypoglycemia, hypo- or hyperlactacidemia, minor hyperlipemia, hypocholesterolemia and the slight increases or decreases of the plasmatic free fatty acids levels - biochemical variations registered in our experimental conditions - suggest the interference of the bioactive agents with the tissular metabolic processes, which is materialized through modifications of some plasmatic biochemical parameters, which are circumscribable in the normal limits and not in the pathological ones. The bulk of results proves the moderate toxicity of the polysaccharidic and polyphenolic biopreparations upon the normal cells of the animal organism and, especially, upon the organs directly involved in maintaining the internal medium homeostasis.
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