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Healthy Choices: Transforming Our Hospitals into Environmentally Healthy and Safe Places

Author(s): Barbara Sattler | Kathryn Hall

Journal: Online Journal of Issues in Nursing
ISSN 1091-3734

Volume: 12;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2007;
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Keywords: chemical pollutants | environment | environmental stewardship | health | medical waste management | pesticides | precautionary principles | sustainable foods

While it is commonly understood that the quality of the air we breath and the water we drink can impact our health, it is often more difficult to recognize that our choices of the health care products, along with the way we dispose of them, and the chemicals we spray on our foods or use to clean and disinfect may actually compromise the environment and consequently our health. This article will guide nurses and other health care professionals as they transform our hospitals into environmentally healthy and safe places by helping them adhere to environmentally preferable purchasing policies, follow environmentally conscious waste management strategies, decrease use of chemical pollutants, promote use of healthy foods, and provide leadership in environmental stewardship
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