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Hidrodinâmica de uma coluna de adsorção em leito expandido para uso em purificação de proteínas de malte de milho (Zea mays)

Author(s): João Baptista Severo Júnior | José Carlos Curvelo Santan | Roberto Rodrigues de Souza | Elias Basile Tambourgi

Journal: Exacta
ISSN 1678-5428

Volume: 6;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 129;
Date: 2008;
Original page

In this work, it was studied the hydrodynamic behavior of an expanded bed adsorption column to obtain the optimum conditions for amylase recovery from maize malt. Amberlite IRA 410 ion-exchange resin was used in chromatographic bed, phosphate buffer with and without 2% of maize malt and distiller water as fluidizers at temperatures of 295.15 ± 1 K and 301.15 ± 1 K. The results showed that the experimental data were fitted to the Richardson and Zack equation, and the comparison between the experimental and calculated terminal velocities demonstrated low relative error, minor than 15% from theoretical velocity values; it validates the use and application of these equations in expanded bed adsorption. The study of residence time distribution indicated that Daxial and Pe increased by reason of elevation of temperature, bed height and bed voidage. N had constant value of 2.14, being the best condition of amylase recovery that which represented low bed voidage, due to better economic viability.
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